Your Rights

You always have the right to say where, when, and how your body is touched by others. This includes your boyfriend/girlfriend, parents and siblings, and even your doctor. You have the right to bodily safety, and the right to say “no” to sexual activities.

You always have the right to have another nurse in the room with you when a doctor is looking at your genitals. If the doctor is trying to continue without a nurse also present, insist on it! They’re being shady, and you’re not being a hassle. This protects you from possible abuse as much as it protects them from liability.

You deserve respect. If anybody is speaking down to you or bullying you, speak up! You have the right to attend a school in a safe environment. And respect for you is not just from people your age, it is from adults, too. People shouldn’t disrespect you just because you’re younger than them. Respect is a two-way street.

You have the right to basic food, water, and shelter. This applies to all minors. It’s going to look different for each person depending upon your family’s income and where you live, but you have the right to have your basic needs met.

The right to consent to sexual activity is different depending upon where you live. Different states have different laws. Some states have Romeo and Juliet laws that stipulate that consent can be given if both partners are close to each other’s age. In some states, the age of consent is 16, in others it’s 17 or 18. It’s good to be versed in the law in your local jurisdiction.